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“There is nothing more beautiful in life than celebrating the talents, dreams, joys, and accomplishments of another being, to see—and call attention to—the best in someone else…” ― Kate Mullane Robertson

June is a month that’s filled with reasons to celebrate. From graduations, to proms, to weddings, to retirements, to the millions of teachers getting ready for a summer hiatus, and new dreams being fulfilled – life seems to be good all around.

If you live in the New York Metropolitan area, I want to invite you to Grandchamps Kitchen & Market’s celebration of their successful first year.

Bien-Aime Post was the second online publishing site to have written about the restaurant’s opening last year, after the Wall Street Journal did a profile on the business.

I’ve been a supporter of the work that Shawn and Sabrina Brockman and their team have been doing at Grandchamps in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn since the beginning. It was easy to accept the invitation to celebrate their amazing first year.

Grandchamps has become a place to find great Haitian cuisine, but the restaurant and market also serve as a community-building platform by bringing the hidden and diverse talents of local artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs to a larger audience in Brooklyn.

It was because of Grandchamps that I discovered a number of great Haitian entrepreneurs and artists. From Askanya, the chocolate company, to Pierre’s spicy peanut butter, to visual artist Marlie Décopain, the business is having a positive impact in the community.

To be effective and grow as a community, we have to support one another.

Grandchamps’ opening in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood is a dream for many in the community – and this weekend, the restaurant and market want to celebrate the many successes of the past year. Grandchamps is a unique restaurant, supporting some of the small agri-businesses in Haiti.

The market carries Askanya and Kreyòl Essence’s products; both of those companies have their operations in Haiti. I think it’s one of the many reasons why Grandchamps has found tremendous success this past year. The company focuses on enriching its community, both locally and internationally.

I am looking forward to attending and sharing in the celebration. I am particularly looking forward to eating some good Haitian food! I am already dreaming of having some black mushroom rice, a little bit of taso (fried goat), and some griots (fried pork), not to mention my fried plantains with pikliz (spicy coleslaw).

And of course, what would a Haitian celebration be like if we couldn’t have Haitian coffee and some Cola Lacaye?

Am I making you hungry for some good Haitian food?

I hope so.

Come join in the celebration this weekend! Support the business by having a meal, and explore the art vendors while listening to some good music.

There will be pop-up shops, art, and live entertainment.

The event starts this Friday and runs all weekend, June 24-26, 2016. See the flyer below.

Photo credit: Grandchamps

Come celebrate with our community—make connections, build memories, and experience our culture.

I hope to see you there.

About the author: Daniella Bien-Aime is the founder of the Bien-Aime Post, a digital media platform that focuses on business, leadership, education, and social media within the context of Haiti and its diaspora. Follow her on Twitter @dbienaime.



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