I’m happy you decided to stop by for a visit. Leaders create, serve and inspire others to move forward as they learn to adapt to their environment. For this reason, my goal with this blog is to educate, inform and serve as a viable learning resource for your personal and business growth, primarily in the U.S. and the Caribbean, and specifically in Haiti. As my background is in the vein of leadership, education, business, social media and Haitian relations, I plan to approach these topics from my unique perspective as a Caribbean immigrant.

I have had the opportunity to co-present at Columbia Business School to a group of Executive MBAs, led career development workshops at Dress for Success and the Hudson Guild Options Programs, taught social media at the Curious-on-the Hudson, and have conducted leadership development training in Haiti for front-line and mid-level participants.

In addition, I have received several leadership awards for my involvement in the reconstructions upon the aftermath of Haiti’s earthquake. I am a graduate of Teachers College, Columbia University, with a Master’s in Adult Learning and Leadership, as well as a contributing writer for Haiti Business Week and Caribbean Journal.

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