Bien-Aime Post Podcast: Can Haitians Lead in Owning the Energy Sector in Haiti?

A Conversation with Èzili Danto on her Electricity and Clean Water Project in Haiti.

Listen to my interview with Èzili Danto. We discussed the importance of Haitians building Haiti’s energy and water infrastructures. Click below to listen to the show.


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Bien-Aime Post Podcast

Èzili Danto is a fierce, no-nonsense, passionate Haitian activist. Some of you may not be aware of it, but she also focuses on finding solutions for Haiti’s poor through energy and clean water. Ezili started working with a team in Haiti on an energy project, and I would like her to update us on that. A few foreign companies are making moves in the energy sector in Haiti, but can Haitians do it for themselves? I want you to hear about her projects so you can invest directly in the people in Haiti—particularly the women in Haiti. 

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