The case for Haiti’s wealth!

My trip to Haiti was extremely productive. I hope you’ll like some of the interviews and stories I will be sharing during the next few weeks, about Haiti’s potential to emerge as a small business hub.

Someone asked me on Facebook to share my first reaction about the country, and to be frank, the first thing I thought about upon spending time there is that, Port-au-Prince is broken for 99% of the population, but Haiti is filthy rich with food and land. 

Below is a short 4-minute video that highlights Léogâne and it’s tremendous wealth potential. I could have said that about every other part of Haiti with the exception of Port-au-Prince.  

You can click the link below to check out the new video.

Your turn! Are you currently working or doing business in Haiti? What are the business potentials do you see? Share your thoughts with me below.

About the author: Daniella Bien-Aime is the founder of the Bien-Aime Post, a digital media platform that focuses on business, leadership, education, and social media within the context of Haiti and its diaspora. Follow her on Twitter @dbienaime.


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